WooCommerce Conversion Optimisation

Turn more website visitors
into customers

Turn more website visitors into customers with conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

Industry conversion rates are approx 2-3%. That means for every 100 people visiting your eCommerce store only 2-3 buy.

Most eCommerce powered ecommerce stores are leaking sales and profit. But being a business owner and not a digital marketing expert it can be hard for you find out where the leaks are coming from.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimisation is a method of using user analytics, feedback and persuasion principles to increase profit and sales on your site.

CRO basically means figuring out what users are looking for when they arrive at your site and then giving that to them.

It starts with knowing what needs fixing. From there a simple, actionable plan can be put into place.

Read how I improved sales by 3.3x for a WooCommerce store here.

Read how this customers conversion rate improved from 2.74% to 3.80%.

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How do you know what needs fixing?

The first step in designing a CRO strategy involves auditing many aspects of your eCommerce store.

Starting with technical problems that might stop users from buying.

Traffic is assessed to discover were your users are coming from and what actions they are taking on your eCommerce store. Checkout flow and conversion rates are analysed in Google Analytics so friction points can be found.

Your site’s messaging is evaluated to make sure it is a fit with the type of customer you are trying to attract. Copy can make or break your ecommerce store. You only have a few seconds to convince a user they have come to the right site. Micro copy, the text on or around buttons and in the checkout process, can also have a huge influence on whether a user takes the next step.

Each page template of your eCommerce store is given a conversion health check - Home page, Category pages, Product pages, Cart & Checkout. I identify areas the can be improved and give them a priority rating.

I also offer advice on more advanced marketing strategies. Abandoned cart recovery, advanced email marketing, PPC audience creation and advertising & remarketing ads. These techniques can improve Average Order Value and Customer Lifetime Value.

Once the areas for improvement have been identified I work with you to create a CRO strategy.

The low hanging fruit, easy fixes that generate the biggest uplift in sales are implemented first.

Your WooCommerce store’s messaging is improved using insights gained from customer research.

Next agreed persuasion techniques can be put in place. Ideas that can increase Average Order Value and get customers buying from you again and again. These can include a free shipping threshold, abandoned cart recovery and discounting strategies.

If you have enough traffic and sales, further refinement for sales uplifts can be tested using A/B testing.

Changes made to your site are monitored to make sure users are taking the desired actions.

The beauty of selling online is that almost everything can be tracked and measured.
I use Google Analytics, screen recordings and heat maps to collect data and make informed decisions.


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You probably have questions. I know I would. So here’s a few answers about my service.

Will it work - These are tried and testing methods of increasing sales and profit. It’s a multi-level strategy, not the same tired old short term tactics.

How many more sales can I expect? - It really depends on your current website. If your site is mature and is already doing a good job, then uplifts can be smaller. If your site is not so great, the changes can be dramatic.

How long does it take? - My eCommerce CRO plan is for 90 days. The first 30 days is mainly research. The second is implementing the changes. The last 30 days is monitoring and fine tuning. Results vary, but generally you can expect increased sales after the suggested changes are made in the second 30 day period.

Are you just trying to talk me into an expensive website redesign? - No. I’d rather not have to redesign your website. Most of the time changes can be made easily without a major redesign.

Is this just internet guru BS? - This isn’t a course where you pay for the information and are left to implement it yourself. I work with you and tailor the solution to your business. It’s not just running more ads to your site for a temporary boost in sales either.

Ongoing plan, will it keep working? - These methods will keep generating profit once implemented. If you need ongoing CRO services that can be arranged.

Do you have any case studies? - Sure thing.

Read how I improved sales by 3.3x for an eCommerce store here.

Read how this customers conversion rate improved from 2.74% to 3.80%.

Read how I increased sales of high priced products for this client.