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The WooCommerce store content guide

October 10, 2017

Having great content for your WooCommerce store pays off in so many ways. The right content can get your website found online. Good content connects with would-be customers where ever they are on the internet, drawing them into your sales funnel. Because WooCommerce works as part of a WordPress site you have an advantage when it comes to adding content…

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Increase the traffic to your WooCommerce store with good SEO

October 4, 2017
WooCommerce SEO New Zealand

Increase the visibility of your WooCommerce store with these tips. Ranking highly in search results is a long term game. People may claim to be able to get your website ranking well in a few weeks. But they usually use dodgy methods that could see you site getting penalised in the long run. Here are some points you’ll want to…

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Installing SSL for WooCommerce Stores

October 3, 2017

Having an SSL Cert installed on your WooCommerce site is pretty much a must have these days. Google ranks encrypted sites higher that un-encrypted sites. Some browsers have started putting warning icons on sites that don’t have SSL installed. On top of that, a lot of payment gateways make connecting to them via HTTPS mandatory. If you aren’t encrypting…

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WooCommerce NZ Post Plugin and Postage Price

October 2, 2017
WooCommerce NZ post plugin parcel value

I have a client that uses the NZ Post WooCommerce extension to calculate the shipping costs for products. It’s a great plugin. As long as you have entered the size and weight on each product, then plugin will use the New Zealand Post API to get the correct postage amount and charge the customer shipping. However we did come…

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Add Point Of Sale to your WooCommerce store

September 28, 2017
Add point of sale to your woocommerce store

Online, cloud based software base Point Of Sale services are replacing old terminal based systems. POS systems such as Vend, MYOB and even Shopify are all making ground on market share. Some of these POS systems can integrate with your e-commerce store to. Making sales and inventory tracking easier for both online and off-line sales. But did you know WooCommerce…

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How to get local leads online for your business

September 12, 2017

September 12, 2017 Many people who have a website ‘want it to be number one on Google’. They think that this will bring in lots of traffic and enquiries that become customers. Well, they are right and wrong. You do need a website that ranks well. But these days unless the name of your product or service is obscure, you…

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The first step to getting your business found online locally

July 18, 2017
Google business listing

Are you still relying on old methods of marketing like newspaper ads and the Yellow Pages? These old print marketing methods used to work great. You bought some ad space or got a Yellow Pages ad and the calls would start coming in. As long as you invested a bit money in advertising you got customers. Are you worried that…

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Fight back – Stop losing sales to online stores

April 20, 2017

Many bricks and mortar business owners are worried about losing sales to online shopping. However there are advantages to both online and offline. Here are a few advantages a physical business has and how you can maximise them. Here in New Zealand recently the government changed the law to try to force overseas companies to pay GST on goods sold…

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5 signs your business is ready to go online

April 18, 2017
female clothing store worker opening up shop

E-commerce is a great way to grow your business. Maybe you have thought about it and don’t think you are ready yet. Branching out into new markets is never easy but it is often a necessary step to reach more people and grow your business. Here are some signs that your business could be ready to make the leap into…

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5 biggest mistakes businesses make when they start selling online

April 12, 2017
5 biggest mistakes businesses make when they start selling online

As web designer I have built many online stores. But there are mistakes I see people repeat again and again. Selling online doesn’t have to be difficult. You can increase your changes of succeeding by avoiding some of the common pitfalls. Trying to be perfect. This is also know as ‘failure to launch’. Some people just want everything to be…

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