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Are you a business with a great idea who needs to start selling online?

Or do you could have a physical store but you need to compete with online retailers. Either way you need an easy to implement and use solution that will help you sell your goods and services online.

The problem is e-commerce is expensive to set up, difficult to run and time consuming. Right?

Not if you choose the right platform and e-commerce plan for your business.

Online sales are growing at a huge rate. You feel like if you aren’t online then your business is missing out on a valuable opportunity, market share and money. A WooCommerce website is affordable and flexible way to start selling online.

What type of business is yours?

Like people, businesses are unique. What works for one business probably won’t work for your business.

The trick is choosing the right type of e-commerce solution for your business. Different business types and plan require different solutions.

Download our FREE guide to choosing the right e-commerce plan for your business.

Do you already have a physical store?

Would you like to reach more customers? E-commerce can help you reach a greater amount of people.

These days most people are comfortable with purchasing goods and services online. E-commerce is growing fast and traditional businesses are sometimes struggling to keep up.

A WooCommerce website can be a great addition to a physical store if done right. Online marketing has evolved to the point where you need to be online and in front of your customers.

Adding e-commerce to an existing business or store.

  • Find out about opportunities that selling online can bring
  • Learn about the advantages you already have as an existing business and how to use them
  • How you can get online and start selling the right way, without wasting time and money

Download our FREE guide to adding e-commerce to an existing business

Already have a WooCommerce website?

EG Web Design has a range of products to help you. From WooCommerce website Fast Fixes to a full website redesign we have you covered.


The key to success is a customised plan.
Spend less time on your website, make more sales and grow your business

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FULL WooCommerce and WordPress video manuals in your website's dashboard.

One for the problems I’ve found is people wanting better documentation and manuals. It’s hard to remember where all the settings are. Or you might not add products every day so it’s easy to forget how it is done. Sometimes people need help with the more complex functionality of WooCommerce.
You can have a full series of WooCommerce help videos that are always available in the dashboard of your own site.
PLUS you also get videos on using WordPress itself too. All yours for only $59 for a year licence.

Fast fix of a WooCommerce problem

Sometimes all you need is a problem to be fixed. If your site is acting screwy or you need something done that you can do yourself then get me to do it for you.
Buy up to 2 hours of time for  $157

WooCommerce Website review

Its hard to cover all the bases yourself. Save the time and stress of learning the finer points of running a website, marketing and Search Engine Optimisation and get a site review. With a full site review we will go through your site from top to bottom. The site review covers Marketing, Optimising your site for sales, SEO and making sure the site is set up correctly
We will check everything is covered and if not I’ll give you advice on how to fix or improve each item. The WooCommerce website review is FREE for a limited time.

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