Does your store get lots of traffic. But not many people buy?

If your store get lots of traffic. But not many people buy, there’s a good reason for that.

People hate your website’s checkout.

Let me show you why …

People hate surprises (bad ones anyway…)
The number one reason people abandon their carts is additional costs, such as shipping and taxes.
To improve this part of your checkout process, consider showing all the additional costs as soon as possible, not just before they pay. To improve customer experience even more, include multiple shipping options for user to have a choice on time and costs of delivery.

People hate filling out forms

37% of buyers abandon a checkout if a website asks them to create an account.

Guest checkout allows visitors to purchase from your store without creating an additional account. For instance, they can check out in one click with their PayPal account, Apple pay or Google Pay. 

This speeds up the purchase process and as a result, increases conversion rate.

If you really need people to create an account, for instance if you sell a subscription, make account creation part of the billing form.

Implement one-page checkout. Allow users to input their information and pay all on the same screen.

Optimize your checkout forms. People don’t like spending a long time entering info into many input fields. This is especially important on mobile. Use Autofill or an auto address finder to speed up input.

Try to keep your form as short as possible. In WooCommerce you can remove the Company and Address 2 line easily in the WordPress Customizer.

People don’t trust you

Another big reason for checkout abandonment is people don’t trust the website with their details.

Display trust signals to decrease checkout abandonment
Effective trust signals are:

  • Good reviews and ratings (in saying this having 1000 5 star reviews is unbelievable is un-trustworthy)
  • SSL cert badges
  • Payment logos like Visa, PayPal, Mastercard etc.

People won’t pay you unless it’s easy

What?! I have to put my credit card details into all those little boxes?

Allow different payment options

Credit card and payPal are a no-brainer. But now there are many options you can offer your customers. Apple Pay and Google Pay make it simple for users on mobiles to complete their transaction.

Many companies now offer split payment options too. Such as AfterPay. These services can be great for more expensive products.

People have a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Include Countdown Timers to Create Sense Of Emergency

Don’t use fake countdown timers here. Create a real sense of urgency with notices saying ‘If you order in the next 7min your product will ship today!”. Or “Your order has been reserved for 5min”.

If you have limited stock, display it on your checkout. If you have a sale on, tell your users how long the discount will be available for.

Get inside inside the mind of your customer and try to understand the though processes they have as they use your site. The more objections and road blocks you can remove the more your conversion rates will improve.

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FREE VIDEO TRAINING How to increase sales and profit for your WooCommerce store

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