Google Analytics Health Check

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool for monitoring your ecommerce site. Not only can you see how your site is performing, but it can be used to find where it is not working and can be improved.

Google Analytics isn't a set it and forget it tool.

Unfortunately many Google Analytics set ups have big problems. Pages not being counted, goal funnels that are broken, pageviews being counted twice, the list goes on.

Most of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is research. A key part of that research is analytics. However it is difficult to gather any actionable insights if the data is bad. At best, there may be data not being recorded. At worse the data can lead you into making the wrong decisions on how to optimise your website.

The Google Analytics Health Check includes:

  • Tracking script review

    I make sure that page views are being recording properly on all the pages of your site.

  • Account, Property and View structure check

    If your website is more complicated than most it could need different view for different analytics purposes.
    It is also vital that you have a backup view of the raw data.

  • Review of events and goals.

    Events and goal should align with the outcomes you want to measure on your website.

  • Campaign Tracking

    Make sure your data is grouped the right way so you know which channel is producing results.
    Correctly tagging ad and email links ensures you know how successful your campaigns are.

  • Filtering check

    Bot and url queries can make your data unusable.
    Ensure the data being recorded is clean and accurate with the right filters.

  • Ecommerce Tracking

    Make the most from your analytics with Enhanced Ecommerce tracking.
    Measure your conversions as well as other KPI's such as product views and add to cart rates.

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You will receive a full report on the state of your Google Analytics set up. What is working, what needs to be fixed in a spreadsheet.

Google Analytics Health Check

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