Conversion rate optimisation Case Study
Phantom Chef

How Phantom Chef increased ecommerce conversion rate by 15.92%


Phantom Chef needed help with their conversion rate. They sell a great range of hard wearing colourful range of cookware.

They were sending a lot of traffic to their site via Google Ads and needed to make the most of their ad spend. They also needed to make it as user friendly to use as possible. Their main demographic is women ages 25-50.

I started the conversion optimisation process by conducting a CRO / UX audit of their Shopify site.


A major selling point for Phantom Chef is the different colours the kitchen products come in. It's a unique selling point compared to other cookware brands.

I thought users would want to be able to view products in each of the colours.
The copy and messaging on the home page was great. However the product detail pages were bland and uninspiring in comparison.

I though some great copy selling the features of the cookware and pre-empting pre-sales questions and concerns the customer might have.

What I did

The main menu had all the products in a dropdown under a SHOP link. This is a common issue with ecommerce stores with many categories or collections.

I recommended moving the main categories Fry Pan, Sauce pan, Utensils on the first level in the main menu. People are usually looking for a particular item, make it easy for them to find.

I recommended a colour menu item with a drop down displaying all the colours to choose from.
On the category page the website user couldn't filter product by colour. The filter was hidden behind a button on desktop devices.

A sidebar containing the filter was added to the desktop version of the page for easy access and visibility. It was left hidden behind a button on mobile devices to save screen space.

On the product page copy added the spice and personality befitting such colourful products.

A major sticking point for increasing add to cart rates can be unanswered questions the customer might have. Issues around shipping costs, returns and warranties were addressed on the product page. Links to the returns policy and the FAQ's page were added.

The results

Cart abandonment was reduced by 39%

Check-out abandonment was reduced by 25.64%

Sessions with transactions rose by 12.24%

Overall the ecommerce conversion rate rose 15.92%

* Comparing May 20, 2021 - June 20, 2021 (when the changes were made), to the previous month

Original menu
Original menu
Improved menu
Improved menu