Finding your store’s value proposition

When a new visitor lands on your site you get a very short amount of time to convince them you sell what they need.

The first thing that the visitor sees should be your value proposition. Just a few lines at the top of your home page that encourage the site visitor to take further action.

It can be difficult to distill all the reasons you think they should buy from you into a short, concise message.

Business owners often use generic messages like ‘we are the best’. The best according to who? Or they make the messaging all about them, not the customer.

The best value propositions talk to the customer in their own language. They explain clearly what the product or service is and what pain points it solves for the customer.

The value position should answer these three questions:
What can I do here? Why should I do it? How is this different or better than other offers?

Writing a better value proposition.

If you have been running your WooCommerce store for a while you probably have some resources you can use to help you with writing a great value proposition.

Live Chat: If you use live chat on your site, go through the transcripts of old conversions you’ve had with customers. Look for common pre-purchase questions being asked. Look for you customers pain points. What are their concerns? If there are questions that pop up again and again you can use those to create website copy by addressing those concerns.

Email: Again, if you get emails from customers wanting to know the same thing over and over again make note of their concerns. If you are lucky enough to get emails thanking you for your great product or service the can be a great insight into why someone bought from your store.

Surveys: You can take email a step further and email surveys customers after they buy from you asking them a few short questions.
Keep the questions fairly open-ended. You want the thoughts of the customer.

 A few sample questions:

1. When did you realise you needed a product like {{ product/service name }}? What was going on in your world that caused you to come looking for {{ type of solution }}?

2. What ONE problem would you say {{ product/service name }} eliminates or lessens for you?

3. What ONE benefit would you say {{ product/service name }} you’ve gotten and valued most from using {{ product/service name }}?

4. Why did you choose {{ product/service name }} over other {{ types of solutions }}?

5. What 3 adjectives would you use to describe {{ product/service name }}?

Using one or more of these feedback methods will help you hone in on the reasons customers buy from you and will help when crafting a value proposition.

Last Tips

Avoid jargon (at least in most cases) Talk to people like you would do in a regular conversation Don’t use hypewords or superlatives like “the best” Be specific Be clear It has to be about them, not about you Your copy has to communicate value and be convincing.  Your copy has to be credible

On the internet your competitors are only a click away. A great value proposition will grab the users attention resulting in lower bounce rates and a longer time spent on your site.

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FREE VIDEO TRAINING How to increase sales and profit for your WooCommerce store

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