Are you measuring your conversion rate?

Measuring your ecommerce stores conversion rate is a must.
After all if you don’t know what it is how can you know if your website improvements and marketing efforts are paying off?

By knowing who is buying and what device they are using allows ecommerce store owners to concentrate their conversion rate improvement efforts in the right places.

Thankfully Google Analytics gives you an easy way to start gathering in depth data about how many people are buying, where the buyers are coming from and what devices they are using. And much more…

Here’s how to set up Ecommerce Tracking and start getting better data on your sites sales and users.

First of all. Login to your Google Analytics (GA) account.

Click on Admin in the left hand menu near the bottom.

You’ll see the three columns ‘Account’ , ‘Property’ and ‘View’

In the View column on the right click ‘Ecommerce Settings’

You’ll see a ‘Enable Ecommerce’ toggle button. Click it to turn it on.

Ecommerce tracking will give you a bunch more data on what happening on your store.

  • Total Tax Cost.
  • Total Shipping Cost.
  • Total Revenue.
  • Total Quantity Purchased.
  • Products Purchased.
  • The number of Products Purchased.
  • Category of Products Purchased.
  • E-Commerce Conversion Rate.

If you want even more data then enable ‘Enhanced Ecommerce’.

Enhanced Ecommerce records even more data. Such as coupon tracking, Check Behavior report, Shopping Behavior Report and much more.

Enabling Ecommerce tracking on your WooCommerce store.

To get the tracking script on your WooCommerce store you’ll need to add a plugin. There are many plugins that can do this for you.

Official WooCommerce Google Analytics Plugin – Free

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro – Paid

Tatvic Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce – Free

I’m going to show how it’s done with the Tatvic plugin.

First install and activate the plugin
Then navigate to the Tatvics EE plugin link in the left hand menu.

On the general settings page check the ‘Add enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Code’ checkbox.

If you want the Tatvic plugin to take care of inserting all of your GA tracking scripts, then enter your tracking code into the Google Analytics ID box and check the ‘Add Global Site Tracking Code ‘gtag.js’’ box.

If you already have a GA plugin on your site turn it off. If you have the GA tracking script pasted into your theme or coded into your theme files you’ll need to delete it.

Having the GA tracking script on your site twice will screw up your data.
If you want the Tatvic plugin to just take care of the Ecommerce tracking set it up like the below screenshot.

After a few days of collecting data you’ll have much more information about your store’s performance.

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FREE VIDEO TRAINING How to increase sales and profit for your WooCommerce store

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