Increase the traffic to your WooCommerce store with good SEO

Increase the visibility of your WooCommerce store with these tips. Ranking highly in search results is a long term game. People may claim to be able to get your website ranking well in a few weeks. But they usually use dodgy methods that could see you site getting penalised in the long run.

Here are some points you’ll want to cover if you are serious about getting your store to rank well.

Use a good theme – fast loading & good code

Not all themes are created equal. Some multi-purpose WordPress themes come with a large amount of options. This means they can be quite slow loading. Every new feature requires more code, thus slowing down loading time.

Choose a fast loading theme that is optimised for good SEO. And of course, make sure it is mobile friendly.

Make sure meta descriptions and excerpts are well written

Meta descriptions are the small amount of text that is under a link in search results. Google and other search engines either get it from a meta description tag or they use the first few lines of text off your site. Make sure your meta descriptions are descriptive and contain keywords.

The same with excerpts, product blurbs, short descriptions and blog excerpts. Take time to write well crafted descriptions with a call to action if needed.

For more on SEO and Meta descriptions take a look at my more in-depth article on SEO.

Duplicate content

Dont just copy and paste the same product description for each product, even if they are very similar. Google won’t know what to show in search results if it is all the same. The same thing goes for copying text from another website. If you resell a product, don’t copy the product description off the manufacturers website. The manufacturers site has probably been around longer and Google will rank it above yours.

Open Graph

Open Graph controls how your web pages are displayed on Social Media. When your page is shared on Facebook or Twitter Open Graph tells those sites the structure of your page and what to display. Usually that consists of your logo, the page title, a description and a featured image. All wrapped up in a sharable bite. Especially good for sharing product pages on social media.

Use a good SEO plugin

The last three points can usually be taken care of by a good SEO plugin. Yoast SEO is great. It has both free and premium versions, a WooCommerce add-on and a Local SEO add-on.

All in One SEO is a good plugin too.

Good site content

Very important in ranking well is good site content. Make sure your site as a descriptive about us page. This is where you can tell your story and explain to visitor why they should buy from you.

Write introductory content on each category page. It is important to search engines for determining the content of the page.

If you have a physical store make sure it is on Google My Business.

If you have a physical store location get it verified on Google My Business. Then your store will show up in local search and on Google Maps. Make sure you have a map on your site, along with your address, contact information and opening hours.

Learn more about getting your business found online locally here.

Ratings and reviews

If you sell great products that people love then get them to leave reviews. People search for “*productname* review” all the time. Google can index reviews and show them in search results.

Google Merchant Center

Create a Google Merchant Centre account and upload your product feed to get featured in Google Shopping results. Your products, store and brand will be displayed attracting more customers and sales.

Good Search Engine Optimisation isn’t about tricks to get you to number one on Google. It is the result of many small actions you can take to slowly increase the visibility of your site.

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FREE VIDEO TRAINING How to increase sales and profit for your WooCommerce store

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