How to get local leads online for your business

A photo of a woman's fingers walking through the yellow pages

Many people who have a website ‘want it to be number one on Google’. They think that this will bring in lots of traffic and enquiries that become customers.

Well, they are right and wrong. You do need a website that ranks well. But these days unless the name of your product or service is obscure, you probably won’t rank number one in Google searches.

The trouble is, there are a lot of businesses all trying to rank well for the same keywords. Keywords are the phrase or words people use to search for your business online. Google uses a bunch of things to rank websites. If a site has been around longer than yours and has better and more content (web pages, articles etc) then you will never out rank them.

Don’t listen to those guys that call you and say they can get you to number one on Google either. It’s a scam.

What you can do about it.

You need to think more specifically. What happened in the old days when you wanted to find someone to chop down a tree? Or fix your car? Or buy a roof rack?

You looked in the Yellow Pages for a business in your local area. That’s right, local area. So this can help us get found online. Instead of trying to be number one for a search term we can try to rank highly for certain search in certain areas.

Google Business Listings

Google Business listings are like the new Yellow Pages. Most people these days have a smart phone. More searches now come from mobile phones than desktop computers. And smart phones have GPS chips in them.

When you search from a mobile Google will also give you a map with local businesses and places on it. If I search for builders in New Plymouth I get a map with builders in a radius of a few kilometres of where I am.

The listings that come up on these maps are Google Business Listings. You can apply for a listing, verify your location and start getting found in local area searches.

Your Google Business Listing also has info about your business, photos, opening hours and a button to call your number. Great eh?

A website is where you can really sell your wares.

Google also ranks listings that are linked to a website that contains similar content higher. So you need images of your business, some written content about your business. The services or products you sell, your opening hours and contact phone numbers.

Most people will research before buying, especially larger ticket items, so having a good website helps.

You’ve been told you need to rank number one in Google searches to get website enquires. But all you really need is to narrow your search to where you do business.

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