The first step to getting your business found online locally

Are you still relying on old methods of marketing like newspaper ads and the Yellow Pages?

These old print marketing methods used to work great. You bought some ad space or got a Yellow Pages ad and the calls would start coming in. As long as you invested a bit money in advertising you got customers.

Are you worried that you are not getting the same amount of calls from these marketing efforts?

Surely you’ve noticed how thin the Yellow Pages is these days. It used to be inches thick. Newspapers are thinner too, and they are struggling for readership. This is because everything is moving onto the internet. Print adverts don’t reach as many people as they used to. Do you remember the last time you actually used the Yellow Pages? I think my copy is in a drawer somewhere. You need a more reliable method of reaching customers.

Do you know you need to move into online marketing but don’t know how?

Thanks to smart phones people can search for local businesses on the go when they need a puncture repair fast. Or on the couch when the thought pops into their head about getting that tree trimmed back. Your business needs to have an online presence to get found.
Everybody searches on Google for local businesses to use. Car mechanics, builders, gardeners, plumbings, sparkies the list goes on.
Businesses with no, or a poor online presence are at a big disadvantage.

I have a process that can help you transition to online marketing.

The first step is getting a Google My Business listing.
The Google My Business listing is the new Yellow Pages and your business needs one to get found in local searches.
A good listing will let potential customers call you, visit your website, find you on a map and more.

How do I get a listing?

You need to verify that your business is real and it’s location. This is easy. You visit the Google My Business website and start the process.

Enter a few details about your business and Google will post your a actual, physical postcard. This is to verify your business, only you have access to your snail mail. It also stops your competitors claiming your business online.

The post card has a verification code on it. To make your listing live you just need to log back into your listing account and type in the verification code.

The postcard might take a while to come all the way from Google.

Congratulations, you just taken the first step to getting more customers and getting found online.


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FREE VIDEO TRAINING How to increase sales and profit for your WooCommerce store

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