5 signs your business is ready to go online

E-commerce is a great way to grow your business. Maybe you have thought about it and don’t think you are ready yet. Branching out into new markets is never easy but it is often a necessary step to reach more people and grow your business.

Here are some signs that your business could be ready to make the leap into selling online.

Local market is saturated

You might be based in a small city or town where there are limited areas for growth. If your business has been successful in your local area then that’s great. But to grow further you’ll need to reach more people. Likewise if you have local competitors. E-commerce is a great way to reach vastly more people than you can from a physical brick and mortar store.

You have great branding

Great branding is essential online. It can be hard to differentiate yourself for other online stores. However if you are well known and have great brand then your off-line business has a head start when moving into selling online.

You dominate a niche

If you are very successful in selling a niche product then you probably already get enquiries from all over about your products. It wouldn’t take much to start selling those hard to get or must-have niches products online.

Many people think they need to compete with big e-commerce stores like Amazon etc, but your are far more likely to succeed just selling a few products with a high demand.

Your offline store has a good social media presence

Building a strong social media presence is a project all by it’s self. If you have already achieved it then great! You can start an online store and you already have customers who are engaged online. You can promote your new e-commerce store to your followers and get a web traffic head start.

You already have multiple branches

If you have multiple branches then you probably already have good shipping and inventory keeping systems in place. And your company is probably going well. Think of moving into selling online as opening another branch. Successful e-commerce projects start with good planning, management and a budget. Just like opening a new branch in another town.

If you answer yes to one of more of these then chances are you could successfully take you business online.

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FREE VIDEO TRAINING How to increase sales and profit for your WooCommerce store

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