WooCommerce set up PayPal API for refunds

Giving people refunds is an un-escapable part of doing business online. Sometimes people change their mind about a purchase. Sometimes the product arrives damaged or you might encounter product supply problems.

If your WooCommerce store uses PayPal to take payments you can set up PayPal and WooCommerce to easily refund people right from your orders dashboard.

Login into your WooCommerce website, click on Settings under the WooCommerce menu item in the lefthand menu.


Then click on the Checkout tab. Click on the blue PayPal link underneath the top tabs.


If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see API Credentials. We will need to fill in the API Credentials to get refunds working.


To get your PayPal API Credentials, login to your PayPal account.

Click the My Account tab at the top. Then click the Profile link underneath the tabs.

Then click the My Selling Tools link in the sidebar area further down the page. Lastly find API Access in the list of preferences that appear. Click the update link on the right near API Access.


On the API access page your will have two options. We need Option 2 – Request API credentials to create your own API username and password. Click the view API Signature link.


Here you can access your API Credentials. Click the show link for each of the API Credentials, API Username, API Password and Signature.


Now copy and paste each into the corresponding area in the API Credentials area in the PayPal settings on your WooCommerce website page we saw earlier.


Remember to click the blue Save Settings button.

Now you will be able to issue refunds from the orders area of your WooCommerce site. To refund someone, click on the Orders link in the lefthand menu.


This brings up the Orders page. You can see all the orders that have been made on your site. To edit and refund an order click on the eye icon on the right of the order you want to refund.

On the order edit screen, scroll down to Order Items box. Click the Refund button to issue a refund for the product.


PayPal will refund the purchase price for the product and you can relax.

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