WooCommerce – Creating a grouped product

Grouped products can be useful. For example, if you are selling a book. Your book might be available in two formats, ebook and a physical book. Let’s see how to do it.

First go to Products > Add Product to add your grouped product.

Give your product a title and description.

Scroll down to the Product Data box and choose Grouped Product from the Product Type drop down.


You’ll notice that a lot of the options disappear. Now save your product.

Next we will create the child products to add to our grouped product.

Scroll up to the top and click Add Product.


Give your product a name. In this case I’ll give it the name of E-Book.



Scroll down to the Product Data box. Make sure your product is a Simple Product.

Give your product a price and fill out any other fields such a shipping etc.


Then click the Linked Products tab. This shows you the linked product options. We need to select our grouped product from the Grouping drop down.

Click on the drop down and start typing in the name of your grouped product. It should appear in the drop down. Then select it.


Make sure you’ve given your product a description, category and images then save it.

Repeat this step for any other child products your grouped product will need. I will create another called Physical Book.

Now click Products to go back to the list of products in your store.

We can see our grouped product. The child products have the name of the grouped product they are linked to next to their names. The price of the grouped product is now a range $5.99 – $15.99.


The grouped product has the ebook and physical version available to buy.


Fine Tuning

If you click on the names ebook and physical book you can go directly to the child product. Sometimes you don’t want the child product the be accessible in the catalog of products. To do this, go to the product page of the child product. In the Publish box near the top right corner click the blue Edit link next to Catalog visibility.


This opens the options on where your product is visible.

Select Hidden from the list of radio buttons. Click Ok and remember to Update.


Now your child product will not be visible in the Catalog. Only on the grouped products page.

Product Bundles, Chained Products and more.

Sometimes you want to combine products into a bundle for sale. You can make a new simple product that is a bundle. But you will need to change it every time a product in the bundle is changed or updated.

For true bundled products or combos you will need an extension plugin. Product Bundles lets you create discounted bundles of other products on your store. You can set minimum and maximum quantities and have variations.

The Composite Products extension allows customers to build their own product bundles

Chained Products lets you offer free products to customer when they buy another product. For example if you buy a laptop you get a laptop bag free, or for a discount. This encourages people to buy and can increase your sales.

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FREE VIDEO TRAINING How to increase sales and profit for your WooCommerce store

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